Make It Happen! (Paperback edition)


Author: Lazar Vukovic

Make It Happen! (Paperback edition)

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I’m not a household name, a TV personality or anybody with some claim to fame. I’m just your average guy, like you… or maybe you are far more superior than me. I’m going to share with you how I managed to make things happen from nothing… From selling sweets in the playground at lunchtime to selling toys in my high street stores, rubbing shoulders with royalty and advising world leaders. This is my little black book of stories of how I made it happen! If I can make it happen, so can you!
Also available on kindle and audiobook: Visit Amazon
Author: Lazar Vukovic
Foreword: John Challis & James Collier
Release date: 29/03/21
ISBN: 1527287653
Publisher: Blake House Publishing

“I hope this will inspire you to run with your ideas and hopes, to never give up and to be the best you can… This time next year…”
John Challis, Actor, best known for portraying ‘Boycie’ in the hit series Only Fools and Horses

“If you’re someone who wants to ‘Make it Happen’, you’ll love reading this book and will certainly benefit…”
James Collier, co-founder of Huel, The world’s largest complete food brand